All our products are to be packed as the export standard package, by waterproof paper, wooden or steel pallets, and other protective substances to match loading, unloading, and sea transport.
The following are the commonly used export packaging methods displayed by our company. If you have other packaging requirements, our company can meet them.

Plate Packaging:

Wooden box packaging: suitable for thin plates and medium and thick plates of stainless steel. Wooden box packaging can effectively prevent the plates from being scratched and deformed during transportation.

Metal frame packaging: suitable for thick plates and large-sized stainless steel plates. This packaging method can provide higher strength and stability.

Coil Packaging:

Carton packaging: Suitable for small rolls of stainless steel coils, which can prevent the surface of the coils from being damaged.

Wooden box packaging: Suitable for large and heavy rolls of stainless steel coils, providing higher protection strength.

Steel strapping: For some coils, steel strapping can also be used for strapping to ensure stability during transportation.

Oscillated Coil: Oscillate wound coils are another method of packaging materials such as steel strips or other metals. Unlike ribbon wound coils, which are wound in a flat, parallel manner, oscillated coils are wound in a more oscillating or zigzag pattern.

Pipe & Bar Packaging:

Bundle packaging: Pipes/Bars are usually bundled together and fixed with steel or plastic straps. This method is suitable for short-distance transportation.

Wooden box packaging: For high-value or precision stainless steel pipes/bars, wooden boxes can be used for packaging to provide better protection.

Wire Packaging:

Spool Packaging:

Wooden spools: Suitable for stainless steel wires with larger diameters and heavier weights. Wooden spools provide stable support and are easy to handle and store.

Plastic spools: Suitable for thinner stainless steel wires, lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Reel Packaging:

Wooden reels: Suitable for longer stainless steel wires, providing stable support and protection.

Plastic reels: Suitable for shorter stainless steel wires, lightweight and easy to handle.

Surrounding Packaging:

The plastic film surrounding: Stainless steel wires are surrounded by several layers of plastic film to provide waterproof and dustproof protection.

Stretch film surrounding: Stretch film is used to surround the wire in multiple layers to enhance the tightness and stability of the packaging.

Shock Packaging:

Foam or sponge pads are placed on the inner and outer layers of the wire to provide cushioning to prevent damage caused by vibration or collision during transportation.

Bubble film packaging: Wrap the wire with bubble film to provide additional shock protection and reduce friction and impact during transportation.

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