Einführung in die Gewichtsberechnung von Edelstahl

According to the regulations of GB4229-84, including stainless steel hot rolled steel plate und stainless steel cold-rolled steel sheet specified in the general calculation method for standard grades of stainless steel plate. A stipulated number of varieties due to different composition structures, density, should the other as a basic unit to calculate.

1. The weight of the stainless steel plate is calculated by the nominal size. If the allowable deviation of thickness is specified as a positive or negative deviation, take the average value of the upper and lower limits of the deviation and the sum of the nominal size for calculation.

2. The basic weight of stainless steel plate, which refers to the thickness of 1 mm, covers an area of the weight of 1 m2.

3. The unit weight (kg/m2) refers to the weight of the steel plate area of 1 m2, as the basic weight multiplied by the thickness of the steel plate (mm), about four significant figures.

4. A piece of steel weight, unit weight is multiplied by the area (m2), the area should to four significant figures, a piece of the weight of the steel plate should to three significant figures, such as a weight of more than 1000 kg, should take about kg integer.

5. A piece of steel plate is the total weight multiplied by the weight of the same brand, size steel plates, total number of sheets, and repair about kg integer.

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