According to the data monitoring of the stainless steel market: the price of the stainless steel market has fluctuated in recent years, while the price of stainless steel raw materials has been rising since last year. However, the current price of the stainless steel water tank market has fallen or stagnated. In fact, this situation is not consistent. The market is regular, that is, the status quo is unreasonable.

When many customers ask for the price, they often ask simply: How much is your stainless steel water tank quotation per ton? Why is it more expensive than a certain manufacturer? However, the potential dangers of materials used in the current stainless steel water tank industry are not up to standard, but they are not confirmed, and they are simply accepted with low prices.

For customers in the stainless steel water tank industry who buy low-priced or ultra-low-priced water tank products that do not conform to market rules, we cannot correct it. However, as a justice manufacturer in the industry, we can say that there are hidden rules in the industry.

At present, stainless steel water tank manufacturers in some areas, in order to make the product price competitive, quote cheap prices that are not in line with the market, use a large number of 201 stainless steel welders to make crudely, resulting in many stainless steel water tanks after less than two or three years of use. Regarding the problems of water seepage, water leakage, bulging, etc., even more, serious water tank explosions…

People who follow the news frequently should know:

More than 400 tons of water tanks in a community in Hangzhou were used for less than 2 years after being produced in a factory, which caused the community to stop water for more than 10 days;

More than 200 tons of underground water tanks in a community in Suzhou leaked seriously after using a water tank produced by a manufacturer in northern Jiangsu. I went to the factory for help. After consulting my peers, I called our factory for help: Can you help me repair it?

After a certain company in Wuxi selected a water tank produced by a certain factory, the water leaked seriously, and the manufacturer went away;

A large enterprise in Ningbo, after choosing a water tank produced by a certain factory, opened during use. The lawsuit was won, but the manufacturer shut down and disappeared…

Of course, any company purchasing products will definitely consider factors such as suitable price, quality assurance, after-sales perfection, etc. Therefore, our factory hopes that the majority of companies purchasing stainless steel water tanks will keep their eyes open and not pursue low-cost attraction for short-term benefits, but should consider product quality. , Whether the material of the product meets the design requirements and other factors.

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