Use Temperature of Stainless Heat Resistant Steel

StahlMaximum temperature ℃Use temperature °CAnwendung
0Cr25Ni20 (310S)12001050Used in the manufacture of various components of the heating furnace.
1Cr25Ni20Si2-31411501000Used to manufacture various components of the heating furnace, such as high-temperature furnace tubes, radiant tubes, heating furnace rollers, and combustion chamber components of ammonia equipment.
1Cr20Ni14Si21000960Used for making boiler hanging and heating furnace components.
0Cr23Ni13 (309S)1000980Production of various heat-resistant components that work in the range of 850~1050℃, such as furnace brackets, conveyor belts, annealing furnace covers, thermal cracking tubes, etc.
253MA (S30815)11501050Cyclone separator for circulating fluidized bed of supercritical power generation boiler.
0Cr13Al-405815705Used to manufacture parts that require high toughness after being subjected to impact loads, such as steam turbine blades, structural frames, etc.

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